Ask for It All in an Indie Book Publisher

You may have finished your book, but you’re not a world-renowned author yet. To reach your goal, you need to find a publishing partner who can bring your project to the reading public at the right price and with professionalism. From editorial work to formatting and elegant book cover designs, if you’re not working with […]

Self-Publishing and Overcoming Readers’ Preconceptions

Self-publishing has come a long way in the past few years, but that doesn’t mean all readers embrace it. In fact, readers frequently skip self-published books, whether purposely or subconsciously. Instead, they read the books that are promoted through mainstream channels and that have been vetted at multiple levels. How can someone who is thinking […]

How To Format Content To Avoid Digital Fatigue

E -books and e-readers have revolutionized the book business, making it easier for readers to quickly get books, and they have enabled many aspiring authors to finally realize their dreams. But people read screens all day long, whether it’s a document on a work computer or scrolling through news sites. For self-publishing, here are some […]

Building an Income Along With a Book

Any author can attest that getting a book to the final reader is a long and time-consuming process. Getting a book market-ready takes expert know-how from an experienced publisher. If you are not affiliated with a publisher, it can be difficult to know how to get your book to market. Self-Publishing and Building an Income Many […]

Top 10 Creative Book Cover Design Trends & Ideas 2024

When thinking about the cover design of a book, it is essential to remember that this will be the first thing your target audience will see. A well-designed book cover is a great visual sales strategy. A book cover design that is in keeping with new trends is likely to catch the eye of readers much easily. […]

How to Set Your Indie Book Up for Success

The number one trait you need to become a successful independent author is drive. Without a publisher behind you, you’re the sole person responsible for getting your book to market. While you’re focused on writing, there are likely some elements you haven’t given much thought to. These can be critical to your book’s success. Editorial Even if you’re a grammar […]

4 Common Self-Publishing Mistakes That Indie Authors Should Avoid

Writing a book is one thing, but getting it ready for publishing is a whole different story. While platforms such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) have made self-publishing popular, authors often fail to make enough money through self-published book sales. And it is not because the books are not good, but authors tend to […]

How Much Does It Cost For Book Editing?

As an author, writing a book is your primary responsibility. So once that’s done, you can relax, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Once your manuscript is ready, it’s time for you to look for a book editor who can polish your writing and make it ready for publication. It doesn’t matter if you have excellent command over the language and are a master of the art of writing. You must enlist the services of a professional book editor to analyze your manuscript in an unbiased manner and help weed out the smallest of mistakes.