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Amnet has been in the self-publishing domain for over fourteen years and has closely partnered with CreateSpace for an equally long period of time. We have worked with over five hundred thousand authors to create more than three million titles containing seven hundred million pages. Creating stunning book cover designs is part of our full-service offering for authors. With our deep expertise in publishing and 24-7 support, we are a preferred partner for authors to transform their manuscripts into market-ready books at economical prices.

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Editorial Services

We have a talented pool of editors located in the United States and the United Kingdom along with our full-time editorial staff in India. Our editors are adept at copy editing, line editing, and substantive editing. All outputs are carefully vetted and tested by project managers to ensure quality. Our copy editors undergo rigorous training to ensure consistent results. They are all managed by publishing professionals with more than a decade of copy editing experience.

It is offered as a service by us to perfect already good writing with the sole focus during this process being on catching and correcting surface errors in written language that are rarely expected to go beyond grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

We also offer indexing services wherein we ensure that every topic or section has relevant index entries. We can adhere to standard indexing conventions or follow any author-requested convention.

Amnet has two teams of highly skilled project managers, located in the United States and in India. All Amnet project managers have editorial backgrounds and extensive experience in managing authors and resources. They oversee the entire production process from copyediting to delivery of final files, keeping a keen eye on schedules, budgets, and editorial and design preferences. Amnet project managers provide a single point of contact for customers; prompt, professional communication; and quality assurance throughout the life cycle of every project.

Developmental editing refers to editing that aims to improve the content and structure of a manuscript. This form of editing develops plot, characterization, and setting. The developmental editors help a manuscript reach its fullest potential by establishing a point of view and improve the flow by reordering material. Inappropriate jargon is eliminated and possible legal trouble spots (e.g., libel, plagiarism, missing permissions) or departures from social acceptability (e.g. gender, ethnicity, age bias) are identified during this process.
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Book Cover Design

As a preferred supplier for some of the world’s largest publishers, we’ve designed thousands of books in countless genres. Our graphic designers will work directly with you to manage the process, from typesetting and layout to cover design, producing a book that you’ll be proud to put your name on.

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Formatting plays a pivotal role in providing a good reading experience. Our composition team employs domain expertise and technology to ensure high-quality print and digital products. We offer complete pre and post publication services, from file conversions to last minute revisions.

What Our Customers Say

Excellent cover design and interior format with attention to detail and conscientious response to suggestions.

Beverly Foote

We were most pleased! You enhanced our cover artwork and design beautifully!

Nancy & Jim Barnes

Thangadurai was an excellent partner for this project, was responsive, accurate and very skilled. I could not have done this alone and would highly recommend Thangadurai to any prospective author.

Paul Gustman

This was my first experience with self-publishing and I am so grateful that I chose Amnet services to guide me through the process. My Project Manager was dedicated, professional and patient. The quality of the work was exceptional. They were prompt in addressing concerns and worked to meet my deadlines. I give Amnet Services my highest recommendation.

Deedee Messana

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