Building an Income Along With a Book

Any author can attest that getting a book to the final reader is a long and time-consuming process. Getting a book market-ready takes expert know-how from an experienced publisher. If you are not affiliated with a publisher, it can be difficult to know how to get your book to market.

Self-Publishing and Building an Income

Many writers have turned to self-publishing as a way to make an income along with their books. This is an inviting way to get a book to market, because it allows authors to keep creative control over their work. In addition, costs can be managed in a way that allows writers to strategize about how they want to build an income through their writing.

According to Heidi Thorne, who has self-published over 22 books, you can make money in self-publishing. Author Federico Pistano self-published a book that become a bestseller, but he advises that you should not make income your main goal when you set out to write a book. His article examines the pros and cons of traditional and self-publishing. A recurring tip from published authors is that you should have a realistic approach when it comes to building an income along with a book.

Costs and Services Versus Potential Revenue

If you decide to self-publish, you are likely going to receive a higher percentage of revenue from book royalties, but at the same time, you also have to bear the burden of costs that traditional publishers normally cover. Here are some costs and services to keep in mind when you decide to self-publish:

  • Book design
  • Editing services such as copyediting and proofreading
  • Project management
  • Formatting
  • Digital accessibility

Maximize Your Opportunity in Self-Publishing

Self-publishing can help you maximize your opportunities and maintain control over your finished product. Find out about the publishing expertise Amnet can provide by exploring its author services page.