How To Format Content To Avoid Digital Fatigue

E -books and e-readers have revolutionized the book business, making it easier for readers to quickly get books, and they have enabled many aspiring authors to finally realize their dreams. But people read screens all day long, whether it’s a document on a work computer or scrolling through news sites. For self-publishing, here are some tips to format your e-book to make it aesthetically pleasing and help your audience avoid digital fatigue:

A Bold Title Page

The title page is the first thing many potential readers will see. Lure them in with an eye-catching image or interesting color scheme.

Use Infographics and Visual Hierarchy

In design, visual hierarchy refers to presenting various elements in ways that draw the eye to what is most important. You can achieve this by changing up the size of headlines, copy and images as well as carefully placed pull quotes of important text.

Optimize Your White Space

Don’t overdo it with images. While sleek images and design elements are needed, it’s important to balance them out with white space. This gives the eye some breathing room so that the reader can process the content. “White space” is any space on the page that is not filled with text or design elements. Consider this a visual break for your readers.

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