Why you should seek publishing assistance to publish book hassle-free on Amazon

The simple way to achieve success early in any field is to start soon. The world of writing is no different. If you are eagerly waiting for success, you need to start publishing your work at the earliest. Why wait for years to get your work published if you can do this on your own in less than five minutes. Yes, you read it right. With Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing features, you can quickly self-publish your book without facing any rejections, delays, and interruptions in your writing journey. But what you need to know is publishing in this platform also demands some amount of technical expertise from you.

To publish in such self-publishing platforms, what you need is publishing and formatting assistance, for which you can always seek help from excellent and experienced players of the industry. With the support of such companies, you can publish your book hassle-free in the right format through Amazon’s KDP services.

Why do you need assistance for KDP

With Kindle Self-Publishing features, you can reach out to millions of readers on Amazon. But before projecting your work in front of those millions of readers, you need to make sure that your book is market-ready. And the need for assistance comes here as, despite KDP’s self-publishing features, many writers and publishers fail to get satisfactory results. The alignment of text, headings, images new chapters, and graphical elements like tables, footnotes, etc., in the book get disturbed during the conversion process from various formats to eBook format, and the final books look messy and unreadable. 

Conversion- where you get stuck 

If you have saved your manuscript in a word file, you need to convert it into the format that is compatible with this publishing platform. KDP uses the format called ‘MOBI.’ So, you need to convert your word file into the MOBI format to get your manuscript uploaded. You can do this using some free software available online; Calibre is one such software. All these steps are doable, but authors are often stuck in the process because of the many specifications laid down by Amazon. For this, you might need a lot of assistance from a highly skilled team that can apply innovative Kindle formatting techniques to convert manuscripts submitted in Word, PDF, and other formats into Kindle eBooks. 

Give your book that final touch

Amazon’s KDP services can prove to be a boon for writers who want to fulfill their dream of publishing a book without spending too much time and money. With this platform, you can upload your manuscript in just five minutes and take another 24-48 hours to get published on the platform. The best part about this platform is that it provides a free self-publishing facility through which you can say goodbye to disheartening and continuous rejections, delays in publishing, and unwanted interference from the publishers. But it is always better to give your book a finishing touch before uploading it on the platform to avoid any kinds of errors in its format and design. And for this, you need to take assistance in this final stage by a reliable publishing company that can help you with your manuscript’s formatting and conversion part. 

Publish and grow as a writer 

Kindle Direct Publishing has tools that enable an independent author to create and sell digital copies of his/her books and also print and sell paperback copies on demand. If you have an account in KDP, you can market your books to an international audience. It can help you grow as a writer by connecting with a massive writing and publishing community. This easily accessible publishing facility has enabled many independent authors to bypass traditional publishing and embrace self-reliance and confidence. 

Adhere to the specifications 

The best deal while using KDP is publishing eBooks. With its quick publishing tools, you can easily self-publish and sell your eBook and get Print on Demand files. But to ensure the hassle-free publishing of your eBook, you need to adhere to the specifications laid down by Amazon for Kindle Direct Publishing. You can upload your eBook by following simple steps. You need to make a KDP account using your Amazon account, filling the information in each section in KDP bookshelf, and finally making it sure that your book meets the Amazon specifications. To avoid complications and errors, the best you can do is to hire a reliable publishing company with expertise in this domain.  

Get the flexibility to make changes whenever you want 

The best part about Kindle Direct publishing is that you can make changes to your book even after posting it on it. A publishing company can help you deal with the technical challenges of this process while you will be able to concentrate on deciding the amendments required. 

Build a strong fan base for upcoming writing projects 

The clicks and views you gather by publishing your eBook in the KDP community can help you in the long run. You can build a strong following of readers here and give momentum to your earnings as an author. You can use this fan base to boost your future ventures. Some of the highest-paid authors in Amazon KDP have numerous books published here, and they have spent years building this. 

Hire author services 

You might have opted for Amazon’s KDP services due to its cost-effectiveness and freedom to publish your book at your own pace. But this doesn’t mean you can also handle the technical challenges this platform poses to the writers. Many writers prefer just writing their book and leaving the rest of the publishing needs to a publisher, which indeed is a prudent step. After finishing your manuscript, if you feel you need assistance in services like copyediting, proofing, indexing, formatting, and book cover designing, you can always approach a reliable publishing company with substantial experience in this field. Get Free Author Service Consultation

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