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The Private Author's Ideal Partner

Writers in particular know the power of a good idea (and how it can organically grow). Such is the story of Amnet. We started back in 2000 with a staff of only six, and have since grown to a team of more than 1000 outstanding artists and specialists. Our continued goal is to offer the best, most comprehensive support services in the publishing and advertising industries. Whether you’re looking to publish educational materials, spearhead the marketing of a new product, or finally ready to share your novel with the world, we’ve got you covered.

Our Principles

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Build on Failure

Provide Certainty

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We are Earthians

Embrace, Even initiate Change

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Earn Trust

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Why Do Authors Need Amnet Author Services?

Countless creators and authors in your particular space and industry have easy access to editing, printing, publishing, advertising and distribution resources covered by private enterprises that minimize the risks they face. Having to go it alone can be a daunting task. The good news is that you no longer have to.

Thanks to our robust portfolio of author services, you have all the resources you need to get your works to your intended audiences quickly and effectively. We offer end-to-end editing services to assist you throughout the creative process, helping you flesh out your ideas into the well-developed story you intend them to be. Worried about unwanted eyes seeing your content before it reaches your readers? Don’t be. We ensure the security of our services. No unauthorized access is allowed to any of your work without your direct consent.

Once everything is on the written page, we  take over. We work with a wide range of partners that assist us in getting your work to the market. Through handling certain tasks in-house while offshoring others to providers with expertise in certain sectors, we offer the most professional private service available at the best cost.

What Makes Amnet Author Services Unique?

Your research has likely revealed that there is no shortage of services available to help authors like yourself. Why, then, should you choose us?

Over the 20 years that we’ve been in business, we’ve been afforded a front-row seat to the many changes that have occurred within the world of content creation and distribution. This allowed us to see both what works and what doesn’t. This experience has led to the development of Smartshoring, our exclusive delivery model designed to optimize the creative process for private authors.

Far too many publishing firms insist on keeping everything in-house. This limits your opportunities to have the best and brightest minds review your work, and also your access to the fastest and most efficient distribution channels. Our global reach helped us foster partnerships with providers who are the absolute best at what they do (and lets us leverage that expertise in promoting and publishing your work). Thus, our unique blend of onshore and offshore services translates to the best service at every step of the development and distribution life cycle.

The Enerji Group: Pioneers in Smartshoring® Content, Data, and Design Solutions and Services

Enerji is a multinational business group that offers an extensive range of state-of-the-art content, data, and design services, helping its clients stay competitive and build future-ready capabilities. The group is located across three continents and houses energetic and talented people driven to delivering quality and value. Our success is built on strong and lasting business relationships powered by consistent, focused, reliable, and exceptional work.

Technabled Publishing Services

Provides end-to-end publishing services and technology solutions to improve content discoverability, accessibility and profitability.

Data Services

A global information service provider that develops custom data acquisition + processing solutions.

An Independent Global Creative Production Studio

We Are Amnet is a privately owned business founded in 2000 with over 1,200 employees, delivering unmatched creative production services across the globe.

The Energy Projekt

A non-profit dedicated to funding passion.