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Copy editing Services

We have a talented pool of editors located in the United States and the United Kingdom along with our full-time editorial staff in India. All outputs are carefully vetted by our quality analysts / project managers to ensure high quality.  Our copy editors undergo rigorous training to ensure consistent results. They are all managed by publishing professionals with more than a decade of copy editing experience.

Bringing Technology to Book Editing

The book editing business has undergone drastic changes in recent years, thanks to the introduction of new technologies. Some might even tell you that thanks to these advances, editing your manuscript can be as simple as running it through a computer program. Yet the best algorithms are no match for a proven professional eye. That’s not to say, however, that there’s no place for technology in the editing space. Indeed, we, here at Amnet Author Services, have made it our mission to find the perfect blend of technical tools and editing skills. The result: the most comprehensive book editing services in the industry.

Overview of Editing Process

At Amnet, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality content that is engaging, accurate, and error-free. Our copy editing services are designed to help authors achieve this goal. Our experienced team of in-house editors in Chennai, as well as a network of skilled freelance copy editors in the United States and the United Kingdom, works to ensure that every manuscript meets the required standards.

The copy editing process starts with a thorough review of the manuscript to identify any missing elements, confirm the requested level of copy editing, and address any special requirements specified by the client. Our editors then work to style main elements in text  format and clean up text, link figures, tables, and reference citations; and perform a mechanical check to fix any errors.

All copy editing is done on Word documents with track changes on, unless the client requests otherwise. This allows for easy collaboration and makes it simple for authors and publishers to review the changes made by our editors. Our focus is always on delivering high-quality content that is engaging and easy to understand, while maintaining accuracy and consistency throughout the manuscript

What Makes Us Better Than the Rest?

Yes, there are plenty of other book editing services out there for you to choose from, so why go with Amnet? The reason is simple: technabling. That’s our way of reinforcing the editing process by infusing it with the best that technology has to offer and accelerating it to get your book to market.

Further, we utilize Smartshoring®, a well-developed network of both onshore and off-shore resources, to deliver all  necessary elements of the book publishing process and eliminate unnecessary hassles in the development of your work.


1.2. Why does my book need editing?

Traditional and eBook editing tools can assist in editing but can’t take over it. Allowing experienced editors, to review your book offers you valuable insights that you may not have otherwise considered.

Can I review the edited file before completion?

Of course. We remain collaborative throughout the entire process.

What is the difference between copy editing and proofreading?

Copy editing is a thorough, word-for-word review of your manuscript, from which change recommendations are expected. Proofreading is a final reading by a fresh set of eyes meant to catch any last-minute mistakes or discrepancies, if any, not caught earlier.

What is the difference between copy editing and line editing?

Copy editing approaches your manuscript from a technical perspective, while line editing reviews its creative elements.

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