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About Our Print Book Cover Design Service

Don’t judge a book by its cover,” the saying goes. Thanks to our print book cover design services, you can create a cover that presents your book accurately, so you dont need to worry about judgment.

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Print cover design is an offshoot of graphic design that involves choosing the right images, text, and font for your print book cover. We create book covers for individual novelists as well as researchers, educators, and government officials who are self-publishing their work. The right cover is essential; after all, it’s the first part of your book that most readers will see. We understand how important it is for the cover to be eye-catching while staying true to your work.

Why Should You Choose Us to Format Your Book?

At Amnet Author Services, we’ve helped more than 500,000 authors bring their books to life, designing over 20,000 book covers along the way. We’ve been in the industry for 14 years, so we’re confident that we can create a cover and presentation style that suits your manuscript.

What Our Print Book Cover Design Service Includes

If you choose our book cover design service, we’’ll walk you through every step of creating a high-quality cover. This includes brainstorming sessions for your cover design all the way to checking for bleed line errors and other final details.

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How Amnet's Print Cover Design Process Works

Our four-stage process addresses every detail of book cover design. Whether you’ve looked at KDP paperback cover templates or you don’t have the slightest idea what you’d like, our graphic design team is ready to help.

Stage 1: Submission of Author Questionnaire

Tell us a bit about your vision for the cover, such as any images you'd like included. We also ask for some nitty-gritty details, such as the type of paper, preferred binding method, trim size and style, and the cover font. Feel free to add any other notes that might help our team.

Stage 2: Design the Cover File

Working with your completed questionnaire, our team designs a mockup book cover that meets your specifications. If you didn't provide an image for them to use, they'll pull one from our database of approved images.

Stage 3: Author's Review of Designed Cover File

Once our team is done, they'll send the cover mockup to you for proofing. If there's anything you're unhappy with, make a note explaining what you'd like to see differently, and send it back. In addition to the image and color, ensure that the page layout is exactly as you like it. This stage can repeat several times until everyone is satisfied with the finished product.

Stage 4: Delivering the Print Files for Paperback Publishing

Now that your book cover is complete, we send it to the printer along with the rest of your manuscript. This is the stage when your manuscript evolves from a stack of paper and a cover proof into a full paperback book that's ready to sell. Please expect a turnaround time of 4 business days to 5 business for us to send your work to the printer.

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