Ask for It All in an Indie Book Publisher

You may have finished your book, but you’re not a world-renowned author yet. To reach your goal, you need to find a publishing partner who can bring your project to the reading public at the right price and with professionalism. From editorial work to formatting and elegant book cover designs, if you’re not working with someone who will do it all, you’re not doing it right.

Copy editing

It may seem nothing more than

 just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, but there’s much more to the process; factual errors and story line inconsistencies will be eliminated alongside grammar mistakes and misspellings.


As far as the text goes, this is the final step in quality control. After all the revisions that were made during the copyediting phase, a closer look is necessary to ensure there’s nothing off-kilter, and it could be the difference between your book being a reviewer’s darling and a dud.


Formatting often determines how your book is perceived by the public. Are you looking for commercial success or critical acclaim? Are you hoping to entertain or inform? Your image as an author is at stake here.

Book Cover Design

That fact is that people do judge books by their covers, so you want to ensure that yours doesn’t get put back on the shelf. You need something that will inspire the potential reader to bring the book to the billing counter, put down some cash, and take it home.


Go digital, or go broke. That’s how it is in today’s literary world, where more people are reading their books on gadgets. Though traditional bookstores will still be around, or even thrive in some places, digital formats are in and not going anywhere.

Project Management

All these services need to be brought together under one team that works to bring your project to fruition. Otherwise, your book may trip on one of the steps leading to the store.

The reading aficionados of the world are looking for their next fix. It could be your book that satisfies their craving. Get in touch with Amnet, and ask about our author services. We’ll get your product on the market.