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In indexing services, we ensure that every topic or section has relevant index entries. We adhere to standard indexing conventions or follow any author-requested convention. Authoring a book with great content is not easy, but good books usually have something valuable to offer their readers. However, even a book with considerable information about a subject would be very hard to sift through properly without a good index.

Showing Readers Where to Look!

Indexing is not necessarily easy. It involves much hard work and requires complete precision. While many authors start to do it themselves, it quickly becomes apparent to them that indexing is truly a herculean task. This is why we, at Amnet, have indexing services to suit all your requirements perfectly. Be honest! You’re glad you don’t have to do it yourself, aren’t you?

The Amnet Experience

While indexing is something any publisher can technically help with, the Amnet experience is definitely something to look forward to. Why? Because the expertise of our professionals simply outweighs those of other service providers. Our indexing experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they can gainfully apply to the indexing process.

The goal of every indexing process is to ensure that the index is easy to use. How can this be accomplished? By ensuring that the indexer also specializes in the respective subject matter. The indexer then checks each chapter and marks it accordingly in the index. As always, the indexer follows the most stringent guidelines to ensure your book has an index at par with international standards. Our experts also ensure the index is well presented and per the expectations of the target audience.

In addition, our experts make it much easier to refer to the index by clearing up all chapter titles and ensuring that every page number is entered correctly so that the index is completed with absolute accuracy.

After all, your book cover may be your calling card, but the index can give readers a far more detailed look into what they can expect when they browse through your book or an online sample of it. While the index doesn’t give them all the information they need, it does lay the book bare in its entirety in certain aspects. This is perfect for academic books, journals, magazines, and many others.

A table of contents with many goodies!

Since there are many processes in publishing that can affect pagination, indexing is only done at the very end of the publishing process when pagination is complete. Because of the complexity involved in this task, Amnet’s indexing services are only ever performed by our most veteran professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does indexing usually take?

Indexing is generally a very complex process that requires much research, focus, and precision. A single misstep can cause great confusion for many readers, making this step absolutely vital for both the author and the readers. This normally takes a few days and could possibly extend to a week. However, depending on the length of the book and the number of chapters, additional time may be needed. 

What types of books need indexing?

Indexing is more effective for certain types of books like academic books, self-help books, and also nonfiction and fiction works. However, all books need indexing, so readers have some way to reference them if they’re looking to refresh certain aspects of their knowledge or just find their favorite chapter.

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